How not to be offended?
How not to be offended?
Questions why offense arises and how to overcome this state may interest any person who perceived the destructiveness of this emotional response just for once.
Offense is a paralyzing state of emotional pain that brings you to spiritual deterioration.

The degree of your sensitivity to offenses is in direct proportion to your arrogance. The more you are arrogant, the more you are offended.

Causes of offense
There is a sentence in the philosophy of yoga:
An overgrown ego is like wine drinking.
Self-elevation leads to the deepest hell.
Social prestige is like pigs’ egestas.
In accordance with this sentence, three causes of offense based on arrogance are singled out.

The first cause an overgrown ego. If you consider yourself a VIP person (very important person) and expect to be treated in a fancy way then when you do not get it you feel offended.

The second cause — self-elevation. Taking praise and compliments “close to heart” leads to upgrowth of self-elevation and offense emergence when critical comments are given to you.

The third cause — a social status. An addiction to attributes of a social status leads to negative reactions and offense if you feel as if you didn’t receive enough laurels.
How not to be offended?
Becoming aware of the arrogance influence on your emotional responses you can take it under control to neutralize it in the future by doing the following:
  • Do not expect to be treated in a fancy way;
  • Do not take compliments to your own name;
  • Take a correct view of criticism: if a critical comment includes at least 1% of the truth, then you need to say thank you to your opponent, taking his or her words as a basis for self-development;
  • Perceive a social status as a temporary “role”, that you ought to perform;
  • Sing kiirtan reduces the feeling of egoism.
  • Developing humbleness and the skill to “accept a situation” can significantly lessen your sensitivity to offenses, making your life more positive and joyous.
Becoming aware of the arrogance influence
on your emotional responses, you can take
it under control to neutralize it in the future.
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